Support and improve death investigations

Enhance public health reporting for medicolegal death investigations with the cutting-edge Health Data Explorer (HDE) - The ultimate software for data visualization and analytics.


What is Health Data Explorer?

A secure platform that supports and improves medicolegal death investigations

Counties can group their data in one location for enhanced visibility and timesaving efficiency

Data presented in a beautiful and visual dashboard

HDE allows for those involved in medicolegal death investigations to quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of the data

Individual case view

Individual case view shows further information such as location of incident, nature of incident, and victim identifier data

What are the benefits of HDE?

Total report data

All report data is represented in the HDE dashboards for enhanced high-level visibility

Interactive filtering

Filtering capabilities makes it quick and easy to drill down on a specific aspect of data

Cross jurisdiction and cross dataset reporting

Reduce data silos by creating custom workspaces to share with other public health professionals

Secure data exchange

Use FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs to improve efficiency of data transmission between your CMS and HDE


What does the case view provide?

Death Investigation Data

All typical case information is visible in this view - victim statistics, diagnosis, toxicology results, locations, etc.

Check Trustworthiness of Case Information

Those involved in death investigations can be confident in the report by quickly and easily checking the trustworthiness of the case data using our Data Stamping technology

Import Files

Import and view files for specific cases - these files are also backed by our Data Stamping technology for proof of authenticity

Health Data Explorer Demo

View a brief demo of Health Data Explorer below to get a deep dive into our technology.

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