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Hear how Health Data Explorer (HDE) user, Dr. Brandi McCleskey of UAB Pathology, uses HDE to Improve their MDI Processes.

What is Health Data Explorer?

Revolutionize your approach to health insights with our cutting-edge application, designed to empower public health professionals, policymakers, and researchers.

Health Data Explorer combines intuitive reporting, robust analytics, and real-time data visualization to offer a comprehensive solution for harnessing the power of health data.

Go beyond traditional reporting with a dynamic platform that transforms raw data into actionable insights. Whether you're tracking disease trends, optimizing resource allocation, or conducting medicolegal death investigations, it's your ally in building healthier communities.

HDE Case View

What does the case view provide?

Death Investigation Data

View a wealth of case information, including victim statistics, diagnosis details, toxicology results, locations, examination data, and more. Empower your investigative process by delving into the intricacies of each case.

External Partner Data

With secure data exchange, access and explore data from external partners, including crucial information like District Attorney data, directly within the case view. Enhance collaboration and make well-informed decisions by integrating external partner data effortlessly into your investigative workflow.

Check Trustworthiness of Case Information

Verify the trustworthiness of death investigation data with our Data Stamping technology. Behind the scenes, Hedera Transactions are generated for every activity, cryptographically proving authenticity of workspace, file, or case modifications using Hedera Blockchain infrastructure, providing swift and reliable verification of case information.

What are the Benefits of Health Data Explorer?

Effortless data imports

Import case details, diagnoses, and toxicology results seamlessly for easy viewing and analysis, with options for manual or automated machine-to-machine imports

Interactive dashboards

Simplify complex data analysis by providing a visually appealing and efficient way to explore and highlight key insights

Dynamic filtering

Filtering capabilities makes it quick and easy to drill down on a specific aspect of data

Cross jurisdiction reporting

Reduce data silos by creating custom workspaces to share data with other public health professionals

Comprehensive activity log

Provide a secure record of all activities within the platform to ensures compliance with industry standards

Secure data exchange

Use FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs to improve efficiency of data transmission between your CMS and HDE

Health Data Explorer Demo

View a brief demo of Health Data Explorer below to get a deep dive into our technology.

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